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Disease experts claim that, in half a year of usage, the household washing machine’s bacteria get over the standard rate by as high as 81.3%, including The average detection rate of mold is 60.2% The average detection rate of total coliforms is as high as 100% Among them, other pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa are also detected.

    This Washing Machine Cleaner kills by 99% the above-mentioned bacteria and other pathogensin 20 minutes time, with a dilution ratio of 1:100 of product to water.

    It works by penetrating, dissolving, and removing residues, mold, and bacteria to keep them from causing laundry problems down the road. Say goodbye to unseen germs on your freshly cleaned clothes!


  • 1.Put one piece of Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner into the empty machine.
  • 2.Input water and allow rotation for 15 minutes, switch off and allow to settle for 3 hours (water temperature is ideal to be initially at 40 degrees Celsius). Switch on and spin in normal mode.
  • 3.Drain the water out of the tub.


  • Chemical Reagent
Product Size
  • Washing Machine Cleaner: 2.6CM x 2.6CM?x 2.6CM
Package Contents
  • Washing Machine Cleaner x 1(6pcs)
  • Washing Machine Cleaner x 1(10pcs)


    • Always remove items from the washer as soon as the cycle ends.
    • After the washer cycle is complete, leave the door open to allow better ventilation.
    • Use only HE-compatible detergents in HE washers.
    • Leave the dispenser drawer open at the end of washer use.

    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
    • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


Sylvia Haas
Verified Buyer

5+ star review from me. My washing machine had a moldy/mildew smell so strong that I could smell it upon entering my home, it was overwhelming. I googled why this was and it gave me info I never knew before which led me to looking for a washing machine cleaner. I read some reviews and thought I'd give it a shot and I am AMAZED at the results. I did one cycle and the smell is gone and also it washed out all this black, grimy residue. It worked so well I thought why not go for a second cycle immediately and again it is pulling out even more grimy stuff. I did have to wipe it out after the first cycle but not a big deal at all. I've included some photos which show the black yuck floating around. Affresh washing machine cleaner is an amazing product. I must also mention that my washer is only 4 years old and it contained this much grime, imagine a much older washer. Thank you. you have a new customer.

Yusuf Gallagher
Verified Buyer

So our laundry room has been having this musty smell even though our washing machine is still new (1yr old). It smells to the point that I always have to keep the door closed and my guests would concern if we have any broken pipes there. I already cleaned out the tray under the machine (not sure what it's called, the little box when you have to pop it out and drain the water), but it didn't help. Then I thought it was the draining system which caused the smell but I haven't had time to call someone to take a look. Yeah then I bought this cleaning tablets thinking it would still clean the machine, guess what, the smell has gone since then. I can't believe I have been going through a lot of air freshener bottles to help with the smell yet I didn't think about this, luckily I haven't spent on plumbers yet. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made lol.

Laiba Mays
Verified Buyer

It does the job it supposed to do and I’m pleased. The problem is I have a washing machine with the Affresh function but the instructions are vague. What about all the other default settings on the machine? There’s a setting for temperature - no instruction from Affresh. There’s the setting for water level - no mention. There’s a setting for extra rinse - no advice. I only have this one question and nobody will answer it: does using the Affresh setting override all the other settings on your washing machine? all it would take is one sentence… A single sentence from the manufacturer. Why can’t they do that? it gets really tiresome having to scour the Internet for information about a product that I’ve purchased instead of getting it from the source.

Lola Mcmillan
Verified Buyer

I have been purchasing these from the day we got our washing machine about 7 years ago. I try to use one on the first of every month (sometimes I forget and might go 6 weeks between uses, but it’s mostly monthly). I have found that if I go longer than six weeks, certain polyester/spandex items will start to smell off when they are dry. They don’t smell at all when I use the tablets regularly. I don’t know what the tablets do or how they do it, but my experience has been that they work well.

Keelan Delacruz
Verified Buyer

My favorite washer cleaning product! I clothed diapered for 2 years and these were essential! I don’t know how I ever did laundry with out honestly. I even had to use a laundry mat while on vacation and did a pre-wash with it to clean it! 10/10 recommend for EVERYONE. We still use once a month or every 30 washes!

Zack Daugherty
Verified Buyer

This works amazing. Our washer had never had a clean cycle ran and we noticed a gassy smell in our rinse cycle! Low and behold your supposed to use a cleaning tab every month to prevent mildew and other smelly bacteria. We ended doing 4 complete clean cycles with 1 tab in each cycle as directed. It worked. Our machine is odor free again and like new.

Lewis Rasmussen
Verified Buyer

I have done many sanitizing cycles with baking soda and vinegar and I just never felt it got the wash machine clean. After reading reviews I decided to give this a try. After the first sanitizing wash and one tablet I was speechless. When I opened the wash machine door it was covered in filth. I have never seen this before. I wiped it down and threw in another tablet and did another santizing cycle. Second time around it was not nearly as dirty, but still had some filth. What this told me is the tablet WORKED! My wash machine isn’t new, but it is far cleaner than it has been in years. I will continue to use these and recommend others to give them a try.

Aadam Hoffman
Verified Buyer

I tried cleaning my washer using the tub clean cycle and bleach. I tried vinegar. Nothing got rid of the funky smell. These worked like a dream. I will be using these monthly and love

Caiden Lara
Verified Buyer

I ordered this product to clean the washing machine in my apartment. After one use i could see that the clothes does not have lingering smell that it used to have after wash. I have used it only once so far. Will use it again next month!

Uzair David
Verified Buyer

Our washer is left with a much better smell that lasts. I use every month as the packaging suggests. It helps push everything out to the drain catch that it may have missed in regular cycles.

Alexa Walker
Verified Buyer

My GE front loader started to smell. I cleaned the drain hose and filter, always kept the rubber trim and door glass clean, and even kept the door ajar when not in use, all to no avail. Then I purchased this, used once, and what a difference. Thumbs up for me.

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