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Sleep while watching your favorite shows on your ceiling or wall!🤩 Grab a tasty snack, snuggle up in a blanket with your loved ones and make movie nights amazing again, thanks to your new Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD! Watch your favorite show, movie, or series, or play your latest game on a screen even bigger than a TV!


  • Engineered to fit the palm of your hand
  • The   The world’s MOST PORTABLE mini projector 🌎 Mini Projector in the world 🌎
  • Use it once and you’ll throw away your $300+ TV!
  • Connect any phone wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth!


The Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD is not just the best phone projector, but the BEST projector on the market! It can connect to almost any and every device, ranging from iPads, consoles (PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch), laptops, PCs, Fire/Roku sticks, and much more! 


✅ Watch Your Favorite Shows & Movies
✅ Make the Screen As Big or Small As You Want!
✅ No More Need for Expensive TVs
✅ Perfect Gift for A Spouse, Friend… Or Yourself!


With the Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD, you can make your room teleport to anywhere in the world thanks to its “fake window” effect! Choose from millions of “fake window videos” on YouTube and enjoy a beautiful day in Dubai or a rainy night in London! 🪟


The Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD is the best date idea in the books! Grab your significant other, find a movie, and cuddle all night while watching movies on your ceiling. The perfect first date idea! 🤗


  • The Original Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD
  • Manual to Help Set It Up
  • Power Connector
  • Projector Remote



🔆 Bright and Vibrant Quality: Accurate colors and rich contrast with deep blacks and bright whites that make everything really pop. At 1000 lumens, the Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD is the best of its kind on the market! You can always change the settings of brightness, contrast, color, and more within the Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD.

🧳 Compact & Portable: Measures 4.9 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches and weighs ONLY 8.6 oz😱 The perfect grab-and-go Mini Projector! 

🔉 Built-in-Speaker: The Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD has its own built-in speaker! It also features a special port to use your own external speakers!

📏 Projection Size: It can project up to 100 inches😳 (incredible) and as small as 24 inches!

⛺️ Outdoor Use: The Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD can be powered from anywhere. Perfect for camping, business meeting, and travels!

🔌 Connect Anything: The Portable Mini Home Projector™ HD can be connected to almost anything that has HDMI, USB, Bluetooth (Once purchased, you’ll get the option to add the wireless Bluetooth function for smartphones.), or AV connections! Perfect for anyone!


Russell Weaver
Verified Buyer

This is a great value projector that is easy to connect to your laptop with HDMI. The interface takes a little getting used to but is simple enough to get set up quickly if you have the right cords for your laptop. It comes with an HDMI cable to connect to your computer so make sure your computer has an HDMI port to connect it.

Rishi Holt
Verified Buyer

Update! Customer service sent me a brand new projector for free! It’s way bigger and the quality is way better! 5 stars! It’s pretty hard to get a higher screen on the wall unless you stack books on a table and angle it just the right way. The edges of the screen are never in focus and blurry. It’s only really clear towards the center .

Savanna Stephenson
Verified Buyer

Its a great projector with smart features for the price. The picture quality and brightness was decent and the sound quality was great. Easy to setup and use. I was able to connect my android phone and windows laptop easily with mcast and it was easy to connect the apple ipad with ios cast. Projector also has an option of connecting the Bluetooth headphones if you need. Setup and use is also easy.

Barbara Preston
Verified Buyer

I have a previous version of this projector that I loved. This is much more convenient for me, being able to cast from my tablet or computer. Just tried it out in a short hallway to get it setup. Excited to try it on a bigger wall!

Macy Barnes
Verified Buyer

Just received this and was impressed with the quality of sound and picture especially because of how compact it is. See photo for comparison to our Apple TV remote.

Keziah Knight
Verified Buyer

It's a great projector with smart features and the picture quality is decent enough

Martin Webb
Verified Buyer

This projector is exactly what we were looking for. Perfect for the backyard to watch a movie with the kids. Easy set up and use. I would definitely recommend.

Corey Arnold
Verified Buyer

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift. We were so excited to watch a movie on it. It's not compact with most technology devices. The picture was blurry and cut in and out. Also, it had a time lag from the picture and the words. I'm returning the product.

Wade Noble
Verified Buyer

Great picture and sound. The price was right and very pleased with my purchase.

Kelly Mendoza
Verified Buyer

I bought myself this projector for Christmas so we could do family movie nights. I project it against the empty wall in my room and it is amazing! My husband criticized my decision to buy it but now he wants to watch a movie in it every night 😂 Get it!

Milton Bartlett
Verified Buyer

I bought this for my 16 year old for Christmas so she could project TV from her phone onto the wall. She loves it and said it was her favorite present. The only complaint is that there is no way to adjust the picture size without moving the projector itself so it has to sit on a stool in the middle of her room to get the size that works for her available wall space.

Stevie O'Ryan
Verified Buyer

This feature packed projector is fantastic. I used the internet, VHA and HDMI. I took several pictures but unable to include in this post. Enjou the fabulous bulb life and warranty.

Cody Collier
Verified Buyer

I can use this projector connected via hdmi, but that's about it. I've tried attached storage both through USB and SD card and it will not read MOV nor MP4 files. If you're just going to connect this via HDMI, no problem. Just don't expect it to do anything else.

Mollie Bird
Verified Buyer

We have the previous generation of this projector and love it and so decided to get the upgraded model. If you watch streaming channels on your laptop or have a gaming system w/ HDMI, why do you even need a wide-screen TV?

Sanaa King
Verified Buyer

A great plug and play (after an easy internet connection). They've made the plug and play so easy with the new blue tooth connection. We love using this for our family movie nights. Gives us a great picture, brightness, and sound. Well worth getting and enjoying with family and friends.

Davina Tucker
Verified Buyer

I was really hopeful due to the reviews. Picture is very blurry. I’ve adjusted focus setting and the size of screen but still not looking too great. Received with cap off of lens and lens was pretty dirty.

Jordan Mcguire
Verified Buyer

I've been using this projector for gaming and watching videos and I'm very happy with the picture and the portability. I have it mounted to a tripod (there's a convenient, standard mounting point on the underside) and a chromecast plugged into the hdmi port, and can just pick up and carry the whole setup from room to room, setting up a screen on whatever blank wall or ceiling I feel like. Make sure you remember to remove the lens cap before using. The first time I set it up, I think it took me 2 minutes; I just took it out of the box, plugged the powercord into the projector, then the other side of the projector into the outlet, plugged in the chromecast, and then stuck AAAs into the remote. Hit the power button and select HDMI from source, and that was it! I was up and running. Very easy to use. Focusing the lens is easy and intuitive, which is nice since I use it in different places around the house and need to make adjustments. This projector has been a really great value and I would buy it again.

Maximilian Ellis
Verified Buyer

Bought this projector after using an older version my parents had while camping. Fair price for the quality, would recommend bringing your own speaker for sound quality. The speaker it has is fine if your close to the projector, but not if your outside with a group of people.

Kyan Ware
Verified Buyer

I needed a good compact low power budget projector for use outdoors while camping. This projector fit the picture perfectly.

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