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Regulate your body’s sugar circulationĀ using ourĀ Blood Sugar Control Ring! UtilizingĀ magnetic acupressure therapy,Ā stimulate the pancreasĀ toĀ promote insulin production.

Ā ThisĀ stimulates nutrient-rich blood flowĀ toĀ invigorate your metabolism.Ā Non invasive medication, 100% safe for everyone.


  • Sugar RegulatorĀ –Ā Therapeutic Static Magnets thatĀ stimulate the pancreas, promote insulin production.
  • Health BoostĀ – Energizes the body and boosts circulation, stimulating nutrient-rich blood flow to invigorate your metabolism.

  • Non-Invasive, 100% SafeĀ – Easy to use and non-invasive. Simply put on the ring and it does all the work for you.

  • Fits All SizesĀ – Has an adjustable opening so that one size fits all. Perfect for both men and women.
  • Different ColorsĀ – Available in different colors for the best match to your style.


  • Material:Ā Therapeutic Static Magnets,Ā Copper
  • Color: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black

Product Includes

  • 1 x Blood Sugar Control Ring


Matthew Hardy
Verified Buyer

Iā€™m always skeptical of claims for easy ā€˜pain reliefā€™ without medication. This pleasantly surprised me! I received it early evening and immediately wore it (looks simple, yet pretty). The next morning my hands felt much, much betterā€” the majority of the pain had dissipated, and itā€™s been that way since. Itā€™s not 100% gone; however, itā€™s a great improvement. Would recommend!

Safiya Acevedo
Verified Buyer


Mildred Mccall
Verified Buyer

I saw results the first day. By back fat was thinned and my cafeteria arms disappeared! I canā€™t believe the results.

Edna Shaw
Verified Buyer

It works for arthritis pain.

Siobhan Jackson
Verified Buyer

Does reduce some pain in finger and thumb.

India Collins
Verified Buyer

My magnetic bracelet and ring arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. I put both the ring and bracelet on before i went to bed. Wow i don't know if this is psychological or real. I felt calm and slept well through the night. I had been restless and had uncomfortable sleep spells in the past. The two nights have been different. My pain has subsided and i feel energetic. I know it is the ring and bracelet enhancing my energy. I will recommend this combo to any curious mind out there. The product works and i can tell the difference. Thanks Earth Therapy.

Lucille Bartlett
Verified Buyer

Not really sure if placebo effect or if it's actually working but either way my wrist feels better. To be honest I don't really wear the ring ever as it looks kind of silly on me but it's a nice touch to be included and others might like it, there's certainly nothing wrong with it. Great brand who's packaging gives the impression that they really do care about their products and what you think about them. I highly recommend and defiantly will be a return customer should the need ever arise.

Bailey Krueger
Verified Buyer

At first I was unsure weather the items will fit me, I am woman with a size 6 3/4 size wrist and this set fit just fine. I was able to squeeze bracelet just enough to feel comfortable on my wrist. I've kept it on 24/7 since I received it because I've been experiencing early stages of arthritis on both my hands. Only time will tell if the arthritis pain will subside, but the ring and bracelet set is very comfortable. Timely delivery as well. Thank you!

Marilyn Grimes
Verified Buyer

I bought the bracelet for myself because my hands are getting very painful from arthritis. I could feel a difference in my pain is not as bad.

Leonard Townsend
Verified Buyer

Great Product.. wear them and feel better.. Great Service from seller

Garfield Hodge
Verified Buyer

This is the BEST quality and most beautiful and unique copper bracelet and ring I have ever owned! I had cervical spine surgery and I have arthritis and it works pretty good and is beautiful! It's premium quality and durable, it doesn't mishape as easily as all the others, though I do wear mine 24/7. It's the ONLY one I've ever worn that doesn't turn my wrist green and I shower, swim in the pool and ocean in it! Still looks beautiful!

Calum Wyatt
Verified Buyer

I have been making my copper rings from copper pipe and fittings for years. I never found a pipe or fitting that was the size for me. This ring fits any finger I want to put it on. I have not had it long enough to give an opinion on the therapy aspect, but I know what my old copper rings did for me, and I hope this will work as well. I will post an additional info after I have worn it for a week or so.

Ieuan Oneal
Verified Buyer

Less than 24 hours after putting it on my finger I had regained most all movement and a lot less pain. Definitely beats any cream or ointment.

Fleur Olson
Verified Buyer

I bought it because I figured out what the heck, nothing else helped. I put the ring and bracelet on and forgot about it... half an hour later, I was sitting in the car and suddenly realized, the pain is gone.. I am still laughing...And it can't even be placebo effect because I believe in essential oils and they didn't help, I believe in homeopathy, and it didn't help. My thumb is still clicking but without pain.. what else can one want?

Layla Michael
Verified Buyer

I recommend to anyone who wants to get healthier in style!

Deborah Fisher
Verified Buyer

Beautiful. This bracelet and ring 2 piece set was better than imagine. I bought this for my mom birthday/party and can't wait to surprise her with it. She's been wanting/needing it for her pain, and will purchase more different styles upon her approval. I couldn't imagining her not liking it, it's beautiful to me, well made and very sturdy for man or woman. Definitely a great purchase.

Xavier Cabrera
Verified Buyer

I was so happy I purchased this. Itā€™s not my first purchase from this company as Iā€™ve also purchased a bracelet and I must say both have helped tremendously with my trigger finger and carpel tunnel. I recommend you try this product. Iā€™ve washed my hands and even accidentally put lotion on with this ring and still looks new and no fading and green here. Thank you

Christopher Crawford
Verified Buyer

fit, look stylish, easy adjusted , comterable , as for as working , not enoiugh time and data to really know

Elle Decker
Verified Buyer

Wow, absolutely great šŸ‘ 2 piece bracelet and ring combo ever! Not only the Bracelet and ring combo, great customer service. I have had my share in Copper bracelets in my time but this one is different and unique in a two ways. One, immediate results because the circulation is on both sides. The bracelet which is on my right wrist and the ring is on my left finger and two, it has that fashion look.

Wiktor Kemp
Verified Buyer

I've been wearing it several days now. I wok in medical and wash my hands a lot so I was worried about discoloration and do far there is none. I crushed my wrist in an accident and it hurts all the time. This helps a lot. Although, I find I just push myself farther and then it still hurts :-) but I'm able to do more than I used to before having to call it due to pain!

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